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Yogacampus Yoga Teacher Training

June 1017 – October 2018

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Home Birth Support Group

Meeting on the first Sunday every month  10.30am – 12.30pm

For Couples, Doulas, Midwives – payment by donation (£3-£5) to cover costs, more information here

Living Mindfully Alumni sitting group

with Sophie Carr MTI and Stuart Frost

Starting Sunday 23rd, 30th July & 6th, 13th August       6pm – 7.30pm

Evening sessions for the alumni of the 3 SIT mindfulness courses we have run at the Stables. The aim of the session is to support you to continue, or re-ignite, your mindfulness practice.

We will spend plenty of time sitting, some time doing mindful communication, and some time in conversation. We will look at ways of maintaining a nourishing ‘formal’ practice and a lively connection with your ‘informal practice’, which is effectively your whole life!

Suggested donation £5


Summer 5 Day Intensive

21 – 25 August  £42                   Fully booked

It’s almost the summer holidays which means one thing; it’s time for the 5 day yoga intensive challenge. Over the week we’ll kick start each morning with a dynamic yoga flow to revitalise and inspire your practice, your energy and your day. Each session will be different with options to suit all levels and abilities, except complete beginners.

The final day will culminate in a post-class shared breakfast where you can revel in your yoga intensive afterglow. Classes will run each morning from 7.15 -8.15am so come and rise to the challenge and join us for a stimulating, peaceful and rewarding week of yoga.

A takeaway breakfast on the final day is included in the price.

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Dance Movement Psychotherapy for mothers and babies

Starting in November

This is a psychotherapeutic group that uses story, dance and movement, singing, writing and drawing to help mothers form and develop relationships with their babies. It is a closed group and limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

The group will be held on Thursdays from 1-3pm, the cost is: £210 per person for the six weeks

Allison Singer is a UKCP registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor; and an HCPC registered Dramatherapist. She is also a published researcher and British Wheel of Yoga registered Yoga Teacher. Allison has been working as an Arts Therapist since 2000 and has experience of clinical work with refugee and internally displaced children and their families; children and adults with mild to profound and complex learning difficulties and challenging behaviours; pre-school children; women’s groups; elderly people; people with dementia; and students.

Please contact Allison


Beginners Courses

8 weeks £64
Mondays 4th September – 23rd October 7.45pm – 9pm Book here!        Fully booked
Thursdays 7th June – 26th October 6pm – 7.15pm Book here!

We might  try yoga for many reasons: to cure a bad back, to manage our stress, to heal a broken heart, to inspire our running, or simply because we’ve heard it’s good for us. Yoga can fulfil all these promises and more, because its fundamental premise is that we all possess the potential for a happy, harmonious and healthy life. Yoga is an intelligent, multi-dimensional body-based practice which improves our strength and flexibility, our digestion and circulation, and our endocrine and immune systems. It has a direct impact on our breathing and nervous system, stimulating the relaxation response, and its focus on mindful attention to our inner landscape of thoughts and emotions leads to psychological wellbeing.

Our beginners courses will get you started  in a flow style of yoga. You’ll gain confidence in basic postures, sun salutations, breath work, deep relaxation and mindfulness. Suitable for all, regardless of age, fitness and flexibility. Come and try!

If you are new to yoga we recommend a beginners course, or come and try one of our regular ‘All Levels’ classes.


Chanting with Heather Findlay & Friends

Dates coming soon

The perfect compliment to your yoga practice. By combining sound, breath and rhythm, chanting channels the flow of energy through the mind-body circuit. It balances the nervous system, regulating the stress and tension that is the norm in today’s hyper-stimulated lifestyle. You don’t have to sing well because it’s not about singing in the usual sense and we’re not memorising complex lyrics or melodies. We are finding our voices in repetition of simple phrases or mantras that help us quiet the mind and connect to the now.

Children are very welcome to come along (no charge).


Teenage Yoga


Starts 18 September

Young people need yoga. Teenagers have busy and often demanding lives, juggling school, friends, relationships, studying and socialising.  Our teenage yoga class offers a welcoming and inclusive space where teens can ease their stresses and pressures.

Teenage yoga has many mental and emotional benefits: a regular practice helps builds a positive relationship with the body, reduces anxiety with the use of breathing techniques, improves concentration levels and memory retention.

Physical benefits of teenage yoga include establishing good posture and maintaining flexibility whilst building strength. Yoga can remind the body how to relax, can improve sleep, co-ordination and balance, and supports growing bodies.

There is time before class starts for students to arrive, get changed, and have a snack and chat.

Mondays 3:45pm arrival for class to start at 4pm, finishing 5pm.

Block booking, 6 weeks £42. siblings £35

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Kids Yoga


Classes start Tuesday 19th September for 6 weeks

Kids yoga is a loud and fun way for your child to explore themselves and the world around them. Kindness to self and others is the starting point: traditional yoga poses and storytelling encourage your child to feel comfortable in their own skin—to stretch, breathe and relax.

Classes feature discussion, discovery, play, postures and mindfulness in a happy and safe environment, creating a sense of community within the group.

3.45pm—4.30pm ages 6-8 Book here

4.45pm—5.45pm ages 9-11 Book here

6 weeks costs £36 per first child, siblings £30



Yoga Oasis: one day retreat

Sunday 24th September 2017 9.30am — 4pm
£45 Book here

A wonderful day of yoga which will leave you feeling rested, restored, inspired and energised .

Enjoy a harmonious blend of yoga, meditation, breathwork and relaxation in our light-filled studio.  A day to deepen your practice and take time out to treat yourself.  Plenty of pampering extras too! Suitable for all levels.

With Sophie Carr and Lucy Corbally


Weekend yoga retreats on the North Yorkshire moors

29th September – 1st October 2017                ONE PLACE REMAINING

Inspiring weekends of yoga for those who are keen to deepen your practice. With Sophie Carr and Lucy Corbally.

For more details click here and to go on the waiting list please email


Yoga For Fertility Workshop


Saturday 30th September 2017, 1pm to 4pm
£30 for a half day workshop (including delicious & nutritious fertility focused refreshments)

A half day workshop to introduce you to Fertility Yoga and how yoga can help you on your fertility journey. And you’ll experience a number of different yoga practices during the workshop including yoga postures and movement flows to aid relaxation and release stress, yoga postures to support blood flow to the pelvic region, guided visualisations, breathing practices and positive affirmations. We’ll also explore lifestyle changes  that can help your fertility (both you and your partner), and other complementary therapies, And you get to connect with other women who are also experiencing fertility problems, in a safe and supportive space - and this support and freedom to talk can be invaluable according to past participants.

In addition you’ll go home with lots of lovely extras to support you AFTER the workshop, including a unique workbook to support your fertility journey, a guided fertility relaxation mp3, a simple yet powerful guided breathing practice mp3, and  membership of a private Facebook support group.  You’ll also receive a follow up email after the workshop to ask any further questions.

For more details and to make a booking enquiry please contact Susan via email or call  07954 238 424


Yoga Bliss

Sunday 15th October 10am – 1pm    £30


Deep rest for body and mind – a complete antidote to stress. Come and treat yourself to a blissful afternoon of restoratives and mindfulness. You’ll use bolsters, blankets and other props to support yourself in restful postures, opening the body gently, slowly and safely. Nurturing breathing, mindfulness and calming music will help you slow down and nourish your soul. You’ll emerge from the practice with a deep sense of stillness and physical spaciousness.

With Sophie Carr and Chloe McKay.

Suitable for everyone including pregnancy!

Book here



Saturdays 9am – 10am  and Thursdays 9.30am – 10.30am                           £8 per class or £45 for 6 week GK class card

Come enjoy moving, breathing, and opening up! The Gyrokinesis method is a dynamic movement system that works the entire body through rhythmic sequences to open up energy pathways, stimulate the nervous system, increase range of motion, as well as build inner core awareness and strength.  Focus on the breath stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system resulting in a sense of calm, wellbeing and mental clarity while at the same time leaving you energised.  The class is accessible to all levels and can capture the interest of the highest performing athlete as well as an individual with little movement experience beginning their wellness journey.   With Jessica Sias Wilson.

Drop-ins welcome: cash or cheque only.

To book, please contact Jessica


Birth Prep

Sunday 17th September 2017 9.30am – 4pm  Book here
£65 per couple

The class is suitable for couples who want to birth their babies naturally, whether in hospital, at a midwife-led birth centre, or at home.
With Sophie Carr, yoga teacher and doula.


Further information:

Birth Prep

Next class Sunday 17th September 9.30am – 4pm

‘It was absolutely essential, miles better than the NCT and hospital preparation classes – fantastic, thank you.’

Stay in control of your birth. Birthing women know what is right for them. They instinctively know who they want with them, where they want to birth, and how. If this is respected, birth is empowering and pleasurable. But the power of birth is often unconsciously surrendered to others which can lead to complicated birth experiences. We learn how to stay in control, while letting our body do its job of birthing.

The characteristics of a natural birth. Hormones play an essential role in childbirth, stimulating the uterus to contract and natural painkillers to be released. In order for the efficient and sustained production of these hormones, a woman needs space to move, darkness and privacy. To birth naturally, she needs to be undisturbed, instinctive, and feel safe and protected. Given the right conditions only one in ten births will be
complicated. We discuss ways of achieving the environment essential for a normal birth in hospital, at a midwife-led birth unit, and at home. We concentrate on the need to trust the process of birth (whether short or very long) and avoid unnecessary interventions.
Active birth. We discuss the benefits of an upright, active birth. We look at positions for the 1st , 2nd and 3rd stages of labour, how to support the birthing mother, and note how our own conditioning can inhibit our trust in our bodies. Women’s bodies are designed to give birth, but fear is a major inhibitor of the birthing hormones—so how can we integrate that knowledge so we are not afraid?
Mindfulness, breathing and relaxation. Yoga breathing is the essential tool for childbirth. We look at how useful it is for dealing with the pain of contractions, and how mindfulness reduces feelings of anxiety and fear. We learn how the birth partner can help the mother stay steady and strong during even the lengthiest labour.
Getting the best from the NHS. We have many choices in birth, many more than we think. We discuss your birth preferences and how to have the birth you want while being supported by the NHS. We also discuss other care providers, and the role of doulas.
‘My partner felt for the first time that he had an important role to play and felt very positive after the day. An excellent and informative class – it left us both enthusiastic and inspired.’
‘Empowering! Sophie and Alison have a gift for getting the partners involved. The best preparation, both physically and psychologically, we have had.’

‘The class was really engaging and Howard appreciated the ‘man time’ chat and how involved he felt in the session. We both got a lot out of it and it was very helpful indeed. ‘

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