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10a Nunmill St, York, YO23 1NU We are tucked away behind the Bishopthorpe Road shops, just off Scarcroft Rd. Turn down Scarcroft Rd at the traffic light junction with Bishopthorpe Rd, take the first left up Nunmill St, and turn left up the alleyway just past the green railings, between number 10 and number 12. See map for parking suggestions.

The Stables Yoga Centre is co-owned by Sophie Carr and Linda Grenyer. We are very proud to have a superb teaching team. Some of our teachers are available for one-to-one sessions – please enquire.

Sophie Carr

Sophie has been studying, practising and teaching yoga and meditation for 20 years. Her classes are a blend of dynamic flow, yin yoga and mindfulness meditation. Her main studies in yoga have been in India where she has worked with BKS lyengar, Shandor Remete and Clive Sheridan. The work of Sarah Powers, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Martine Batchelor, Martin Aylwood and the influence of Insight Buddhism are also central to her teaching style. Sophie specialises in pregnancy yoga, is a birth doula and teaches the Birth Preparation workshops at the Stables. She is a registered teacher with the Mindfulness Training Institute, and a student of the Diamond Approach.

Alison Goodwin

Alison is registered with the British Wheel of Yoga and holds British Wheel specialist certificates in Yoga for Pregnancy, and Pranayama. She has undertaken extensive further training in yoga for women's heath and well-being with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and specialises in pregnancy, post-natal, baby and well- women yoga. Alison's teaching style is friendly and inclusive with adaptations to suit all levels of experience and health conditions. A key feature of her classes is mindful attention to movement with breath; all classes include pranayama and relaxation.

Alex Wales

Alex first came to yoga through meditation, and this practice continues to provide the foundation of his yoga journey and the inspiration for his teaching. He sees the practice of yoga postures as a means to integrate the subtle transformative effects of meditation with the physical body, and create space in life for peace, energy and creativity to arise. He completed teacher training with Simon Low at the Yoga Academy and teaches the anatomy and physiology modules on the AYP yoga teacher training.
Alex is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and works as a Physiotherapist in York. He is deeply interested in the clinical applications of yoga and mindfulness in pain management. Alex aims offers a therapeutic practice, leading to healthy, functional and effortless movement in daily living.

Chloe McKay

Chloé first discovered yoga at the age of 16 after attending an Iyengar class with her mum. She soon fell in love with the practice, impressed with how it made her feel in both body and mind. Curious to learn more, Chloé completed a foundation course before going on to train as a teacher in 2010. Since qualifying, she has continued to study and train with some of the world's leading teachers such as David Swenson and Sarah Powers.
As a sports therapist, Chloé brings her knowledge of the body into her teaching which focuses on alignment and mindful awareness to build strength and flexibility. She is currently studying an in-depth yoga therapy course with the Minded Institute.
Chloé believes yoga should be playful and inspiring and as a personal practice it should suit the needs of the individual. Ultimately she wants to empower students to use yoga as a tool to increase their health, wellbeing and happiness.

Fran Windsor

Fran's been practicing yoga since attending her first class ten years ago - a life-changing experience which soon led to a trip to India. She later completed her teacher training in London. Luckily for us, an opportunity to move to Yorkshire presented itself shortly after that. Fran's personal practice is incredibly inspiring, but despite having an advanced physical practice, for Fran, yoga is about listening to your body and working at whatever level is right for you, on any given day - it's about finding the balance between challenging yourself and being loving towards yourself, and this shows in her teaching. When she's not in front of a class, Fran can usually be found on her mat (or on other people's mats, since she's one of the Stables acroyoga gang!) and walking her three dogs in the woods near to where she lives - in her own words, "My life is basically yoga and dogs!"
Fran has just had a beautiful daughter, called Dulcie, and is slowly making her way back into teaching - we are so pleased to have her back.

Lynda Murphy

Lynda enjoys exploring the sense of inner calm she has discovered through the practice of yoga - living mindfully in the moment is what brings her back to the mat. Her own practice is slow flow, yoking movement with breath and bringing the mind and body into harmony. However, she also loves the challenge of a dynamic Ashtanga class. She has trained with Yogacampus and with Judith Hanson Lasater. Having studied the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, alongside yoga philosophy, for many years, Lynda brings a spiritual element to her teaching. Through her yoga classes she hopes to imbue students with calm, confidence and a sense of well-being. ‘Let go of that which no longer serves you’ is her favourite mantra.

Edith Loney

The first time Edith attended a yoga class, she hated it.... However, she gave it another go a couple of years later and totally fell in love with it. She tried all types of yoga, then finally settled with Ashtanga yoga. Her first training was with Kamal Srinivas, the founder of Kriyoga in Asia. Then later on she trained with the great Adrian Cox, the owner of the best yoga studio in Thailand, probably. Edith says "I simply love what I do, and most importantly I love watching my students grow. Yoga is and should be fun. To borrow one of Mr Kamal’s sayings, ‘One should practice yoga seriously, but not practice seriousness in the name of yoga.' "

Emma Leaf

Emma has loved and been fascinated by yoga ever since discovering it through her art teacher at school in York. At Art college, and since in her art, themes of the breath, movement and nature are a constant inspiration for her. In 2011 Emma trained with Sun Power Yoga, and then did further training in vinyasa flow, yoga nidra, Womb yoga and family & teen Rainbow Kids yoga. She is also a holistic therapist, aromatherapy massage therapist & Reiki master. Her teachers are: all of her students, all of life, Shiva Rea, Anne-Marie Newland, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Sianna Sherman, Buddha, Ghandi, Rumi and many more. She is an arty mum to two fantastic boys. "Breath deeply, reach inside yourself, expand and discover your joy, inner strength, focus and creativity."

Jessica Sias Wilson

Jessica has been a movement teacher for over 15 years. Whilst studying Choreography and Dance in graduate school, she discovered Pilates as a way to build strength and connections that were often difficult to find in the dance studio. After qualifying in Pilates, she was introduced to the GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® methods by a colleague and fell in love with this intelligent movement system. She became licensed in both methods shortly thereafter.
Jessica's interest in teaching lies in helping people understand how their bodies work so they can live in them more comfortably. She enjoys working with those recovering from injury, those looking to enhance their skill in a specific hobby or sport, and those who just want to feel better. Jessica will challenge you to find deep, internal connections that will give you strength to sustain yourself in your everyday life, while also encouraging you to open up so you can move more freely. "Since we live, work, and play from within, we must look after our bodies and keep them moving."

Vikki O'Brien

Vikki has been practicing and studying yoga for 10 years. After completing a foundation course with the British Wheel of Yoga, she went on to complete her 200hr teacher training through Yoga Alliance with Kosta Miachin and continues to broaden her knowledge and understanding under the tutelage of Judith Hanson-Lasater and Erin Motz. Vikki’s teaching style is rooted in warming vinyasa flows which focus on meditation through movement.
Vikki firmly believes that yoga can be useful for everyone, and she leads classes with people from all walks of life, ages and abilities. She specialises in bringing yoga to the Deaf community, leading yoga workshops and retreats in British Sign Language all over the UK.
Her kids yoga classes are tremendous fun, juxtaposing yoga, creativity, playfulness and mindfulness in one inventive package.

Zoe Speekenbrink

Zoe has been practising yoga consistently for over 10 years. Her first experience of yoga however, was as a 9 year old girl when she attended a few children's yoga classes taught by her best friend's mother. 10 years ago she started regularly attending Ashtanga yoga classes and about 9 years ago tried out a Jivamukti yoga class and fell in love with the practice. Zoe says, " I loved the dynamic and playful nature of this particular style of yoga and the fact that the practice was done to music. This style of yoga allowed me to dive much deeper into what yoga could mean for me and it became an increasingly important part of my life." In 2018 Zoe completed her 200hr Vinyasa flow yoga teacher training and since then has been teaching her own style of Vinyasa flow yoga.

Judith Daniel

Yoga has been a constant in Judith's life for the past 25 years and has helped to keep her calm and centred throughout her career in the music Industry. Working in the highly stressful areas of PR and events, she often said that she would love to give it all up and become a yoga teacher. And finally, she did. Now she’s thrilled to be sharing everything that yoga has taught her and encouraging others to join her on the mat. Her teaching style is creative and flowing, synchronising breath and movement (vinyasa flow) while remaining true to the ancient Indian tradition of yoga. She completed her teacher trainings in India and has recently also done a training there in Yin yoga. An international yogi and sun-seeker, she enjoys nothing more than teaching where the sun shines and nature flourishes, and helping her students to reconnect to themselves and open to life’s flow. In a busy travel schedule which includes annual retreats in Barbados and Italy, she loves to return and teach in her hometown of York.

Lucy Corbally

Lucy has been practicing, studying and teaching yoga for more than a decade. Her classes are based in hatha/vinyasa flow styles but incorporate teachings from many other yoga disciplines which have inspired her own practice. Classes focus on flowing movement, breath and energy to create a full experience for body, mind and spirit, encouraging people to connect to the innate power and beauty of their own bodies and minds. Fitness, strength and flexibility, inside and out.
Lucy completed her Yoga Teacher Training under the inspiring guidance of Gemma Mallol and Marcela Enriquez Wakeham of Still Flowing Yoga, and is a qualified psychotherapist. Her teaching is influenced by the wisdom of Jack Kornfield, Donna Fahri, Bo Forbes, to name but a few. She has attended workshops all over the world and continues to study, train and practice daily - it's a life-long journey.
Lucy recently had a daughter called Zoe and is expecting another baby soon, so it looks like her maternity leave is going to go on a bit longer - but we look forward to welcoming her back to the Stables.

Rachael Medd

Rachael has been practicing yoga, meditation and pranayama for over 10 years and has been teaching full time for 6 years. She has trained with Brian Cooper PhD, Nichi Green, Christina Sell and Giaconda Parker and continues to work with Joey Miles, and senior Iyengar and Jivamukti teachers in the UK. Rachael has a passion for anatomical understanding and making the poses accessible from the preparatory phases to the more advanced, and teaches beginners through to highly experienced yogis. Merging the physical, mental and emotional practice with spiritual understanding and connection is the mainstay of her teaching. She believes there is no real end to the work or the practice - it’s a continuum – and it all starts with the willingness to want to understand and know yourself on a deep level. Rachael is often to be seen upside down – she seems to be equally as comfortable walking around on her hands as she is on her feet!