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Beginners Yoga

Our beginners courses will get you started (or started again!) in a flow style of yoga. You’ll gain confidence in basic postures, sun salutations, breath work, deep relaxation and mindfulness. Suitable for all, regardless of age, fitness and flexibility. Come and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at the Stables and get into yoga!

We might  try yoga for many reasons: to cure a bad back, to manage our stress, to heal a broken heart, to inspire our running, or simply because we’ve heard it’s good for us. Yoga can fulfil all these promises and more, because its fundamental premise is that we all possess the potential for a happy, harmonious and healthy life. Yoga is an intelligent, multi-dimensional body-based practice which improves our strength and flexibility, our digestion and circulation, and our endocrine and immune systems. It has a direct impact on our breathing and nervous system, stimulating the relaxation response and calming us down. Its focus on mindful attention to our inner landscape of thoughts and emotions can lead to sustained psychological wellbeing.

Beginners Yoga Level 1

We offer beginners yoga courses in a flow style of yoga, introducing mindfulness, postures, breathwork and relaxation. If you have never done yoga before, we recommend you attend a beginners yoga course, or try a class which is suitable for all levels.

Beginners Yoga Level 2

This course is for those of you who have done our beginners course and want to explore postures, breathwork and mindfulness a little deeper, or for anyone who’s done yoga in the past, feels a bit rusty and wants to get back into it. The course is a great stepping stone into our Level 2 classes. Expect more alignment instructions, slightly more ‘strong’ stuff, perhaps some Yin Yoga and a wonderful restorative relaxation.

Book for 2019 courses:

Mondays Beginners Level 1 : 29th April – 20th May £34  with Fran Windsor *FULL*
Mondays Beginners Level 1 : 3rd June – 15th July £59.50  with Fran Windsor BOOK NOW
Thursdays Beginners Level 1: 2nd May – 23rd May £34 with Chloe McKay  BOOK NOW
Thursdays Beginners Level 1: 6th June – 18th July £59.50 with Chloe McKay BOOK NOW
Wednesdays Beginners Level 2: 1st May – 22nd May £34 with Alexander Wales  BOOK NOW
Wednesdays Beginners Level 2: 5th June – 17th July £59.50 with Alexander Wales BOOK NOW

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For further information download our beginners course guide