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Mindfulness is open, embodied and kind awareness of present-moment experience. It is a particular way of paying direct and sustained attention to our inner world and the world around us, in order to engage fully with our lives while remaining balanced and steady. It helps us look behind our negativity and reactivity and relax deeply into ourselves, uncovering kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others.

Mindfulness is a proven way of increasing our happiness and reducing stress.



A Mindful Afternoon: The Basics of Mindfulness

Saturday 2nd May | 2 – 5pm| £35 | BOOK NOW

What exactly is mindfulness? Why is ‘living in the moment’ a good thing?
How can we integrate it into our busy lives?

In this workshop, we will explore mindfulness of the breath and body,
learn to relax deeply into ourselves and stay ‘present’.
We will do some mindful walking, mindful eating and learn the 3-minute
breathing space. You’ll receive some take-home practices too.

“Sophie’s explanations are very clear and understandable. She brings a
respectful balance of rest, peace, calm and tuition – a deeply positive

Suitable for everyone 16+