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September Early Morning Intensive

September 16th-20th  7.15am – 8.15am,  £42.50 BOOK NOW

Warmer days are here and this 5 Day Intensive is a great way to enjoy the lighter mornings with some delicious early morning yoga.
Starting at 7.15am each morning you’ll be guided through a one-hour dynamic flow helping to awaken your body, focus your mind and open your heart. All welcome, although not recommended for complete beginners.

With Chloe McKay.


Beginners Courses

Mondays Beginners Level 1: 2nd September – 21st October,  7.45-9.00pm,  £68, *FULL*
Thursdays Beginners Level 1: 5th September – 24th October, 6.00-7.15pm,  £68,  BOOK NOW

We might  try yoga for many reasons: to cure a bad back, to manage our stress, to heal a broken heart, to inspire our running, or simply because we’ve heard it’s good for us. Yoga can fulfil all these promises and more, because its fundamental premise is that we all possess the potential for a happy, harmonious and healthy life. Yoga is an intelligent, multi-dimensional body-based practice which improves our strength and flexibility, our digestion and circulation, and our endocrine and immune systems. It has a direct impact on our breathing and nervous system, stimulating the relaxation response, and its focus on mindful attention to our inner landscape of thoughts and emotions leads to psychological wellbeing.

Our beginners courses will get you started  in a flow style of yoga. You’ll gain confidence in basic postures, sun salutations, breath work, deep relaxation and mindfulness. Suitable for all, regardless of age, fitness and flexibility. Come and try!

If you are new to yoga we recommend a beginners course, or come and try one of our regular ‘All Levels’ classes.


Beginners Level 2 Course

Wednesdays Beginners Level 2:  4th September – 23rd October, £68  BOOK NOW

This course is for those of you who have done our beginners course and want to explore postures, breathwork and mindfulness a little deeper, or for anyone who’s done yoga in the past, feels a bit rusty and wants to get back into it. The course is a great stepping stone into out Level 2 classes. Expect more alignment instructions, slightly more ‘strong’ stuff, perhaps some Yin Yoga and a wonderful restorative relaxation.


Relax & Find Calm Within

Wednesday 4th Sept – 16th Oct (No class 2nd Oct) | 7.30-9pm | 6 weeks | £100 Book Now

Relax and Find Calm Within – a 6 week course with Sophie Carr

Yin yoga, restorative yoga and mindfulness.

Suitable for all.

Are you tired, stressed, burnt out, in need of recharge? Is your mind busy, are you running to catch up all the time?

Come and unwind deeply held tensions in the body, and foster a pervading sense of calm and spaciousness using these quieter styles of yoga. Each week we will explore aspects of mindfulness while lying in restful postures. We will also develop our capacity for mindful communication, experiment with mindful walking and learn other techniques to use in everyday situations or times of stress. There will be relaxed discussions and opportunities to support one another in our practice.

  • train your attention and focus with mindfulness of the breath
  • be present and embodied through mindfulness of the body
  • learn the 3-minute breathing space
  • develop a loving, grateful heart with compassion practice
  • explore emotions and develop more emotional intelligence
  • be aware of thought-patterns and diminish self-judgment
  • learn how to quieten the ‘inner critic’
  • reduce our tendency to be over-reactive
  • explore techniques to use in times of stress and anxiety

To truly benefit from this course, you will need to commit to about 20 minutes daily home practice.

**After booking, please email – we would like you to complete a simple questionnaire, and will send you more details about the course**

Please note, there are no refunds given if you withdraw from the course once it has started.

Sophie Carr is co-owner of the Stables and is a yoga and mindfulness teacher with many years experience. She is a qualified and registered member of the Mindfulness Training Institute.

“Sophie is a gifted teacher. Her classes are always fun and engaging, her teaching technique clear and practical. I highly recommend this course!”

“Sophie is so open and warm, she is brilliant at making people feel at ease. Her explanations are clear and personal. I have benefited from the course in many areas of my life and really enjoyed it.”

“Thank you, Sophie. A game-changing experience! I have learnt so much about how I experience emotions and the present moment.”

“I found the course interesting, informative, and very inspiring. Sophie was an excellent teacher. I looked forward to each session with enthusiasm, it was a lovely space to work in and a special group to work with. I benefited and continue to do so, on many different levels.”

“Sophie’s class was warm, genuine and nurturing – much better than other more corporate offerings.”


Yoga for Physical & Emotional Strength

Sunday 22nd September| 11am-4pm | £50  | BOOK HERE

This workshop with Gillian Shippey will include very effective practices to develop core strength, whilst encouraging movement in the body and joints safely. Practices to address common postural issues will be explored, aligning the structural body and thereby releasing energy.

Gillian will also be delivering a very special new therapeutic story as well as a new Nidra called ‘Unbreakable’. Through the art of storytelling, Nidra and meditation we will be connecting to the part of us that cannot be wounded, burdened or traumatised …. the part of us that is by nature curious, connected, compassionate and calm … the part of us which is the agent for psychological healing. So our focus will not just be physical strength … it will also be soulular strength.

Gillian says, “Whilst this workshop will be physically challenging in places, it is also accessible. Over the years I have found certain practices to be very effective in helping to awaken the body into alignment, strengthen powerfully, bringing greater ease of movement / flexibility.”

This workshop is loaded with structural and emotional integrity and the intention is for you to leave this workshop feeling energised, empowered, vibrant, strong, alive and light!

£50 for the day, non refundable. Gillian donates 5% of all her earnings to Fight The New Drug.


Yoga for Blokes

Friday October 4th  6.30-8pm,  £12   BOOK NOW

Men: Is stiffness getting in the way of your happiness?
Get fit and flexible. Ready for cycling, climbing, swimming or just feeling good.

An accessible introduction to yoga. Learn key postures and techniques for better health and mental equilibrium.

No levitation required.

With Chloe McKay


Sunrise Yoga

Weds 2nd Oct-Weds 30th Oct |  7-8am,  £100   BOOK NOW

A whole month of early morning yoga, 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in October at 7-8 am with 3 of our best loved teachers – Chloe, Fran and Zoe.
£100 for 13 sessions, starting on Wednesday 2 October.
You’ll be amazed at what regular early morning practice will do for you – this REALLY will keep you energised and balanced for the whole month. Starting the day with yoga influences how we feel mentally and physically, helping us feel grounded and open all day. Plus it will inspire your personal practice and help you navigate the change of seasons.
You’ll be guided through a one-hour dynamic flow helping to awaken your body, focus your mind and open your heart.
Not suitable for complete beginners.
Know you’ll miss a couple of classes? No problem – catch up by coming to one of the following: Dynamic 9.30am Tuesdays, Embodied Flow 6pm Tuesdays, Ashtanga 7.45pm Tuesdays, Gentle 10am Thursdays, Yin 10.45am Saturdays.
Please note you can’t swap in to Vinyasa 6.15pm Mondays, Vinyasa 7.45pm Thursdays, Dynamic 9am Saturdays or any of the other courses. No drop-ins or refunds – commit to the whole month! Why not do Stoptober too?!

With Fran Windsor, Zoe Speekenbrink & Chloe McKay.


Autumn Colours Full Moon Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath.

Friday 11th October 7.00-8.30pm £15 BOOK HERE
Emma Leaf is our Yoga Nidra teacher. She leads our regular Friday evening candlelit sessions to nourish your whole body, mind and heart.
Join us for a magical evening of deep relaxation and healing for your whole self to celebrate Autumn time and the Full Moon with colourful, radiant, glowing energy.
Did you know that during the Full Moon our senses are heightened? It is one of the most potent times for releasing old patterns and creating new visions – two powerful forces working together to help you relax, recharge, focus, create, and let go.
Yoga Nidra is an ancient yogic practice designed to cultivate complete relaxation, healing and meditative awareness of the whole self.
Yoga Nidra helps to awaken us from our “sleep” of conditioned patterns, habits, and self-limiting beliefs in order to live as our true nature, awaken our inner spring of wellbeing and radiant light!
The class will begin with pranayama, breath of bliss and a few gentle seated stretches to open your heart and relax your body in preparation for an extended period of stillness.
To enhance the whole experience Emma plays her full set of Chakra crystal singing bowls, gong and shamanic instruments as a full spectrum sound bath journey with vibrational healing. The vibrational sounds resonate at the cellular level to deepen the healing occurring in the body and the mind.
Then through the guided meditation of Yoga Nidra, you explore the subtleties of body sensing and breathing awareness, eventually moving into emotional, mental, and blissful layers of consciousness.
Yoga Nidra means ‘the sleep of the yogi’ and while it does not involve actually sleeping, the practice emphasizes long periods in Savasana (lying down), therefore it’s a very gentle, soothing practice. Rod Stryker describes Yoga Nidra as “a systematic method of complete relaxation, holistically addressing our physiological, neurological and subconscious needs” as an antidote to the “chronically exhausted, over stimulated world” in which we live.
Yoga Nidra induces deep relaxation throughout the layers of the entire body-mind and teaches time-tested tools to eliminate stress, engage healing, resolve trauma as well as neutralize anxiety, fear, anger, depression, insomnia and chronic pain.
Open to all. No experience necessary and all mats, blankets and props provided.


Yin & Kirtan

Friday November 8th  7-9pm,  £18   BOOK NOW

Yin is one of the most delicious forms of yoga you can experience. It is a passive, non-ambitious practice, with long-held floor poses and a deep attention to mindfulness and mindful breathing. It targets connective tissue and joints rather than muscles, gently encouraging a quiet internalised approach. We emerge from a yin practice feeling centred, balanced, whole and relaxed.

Chloe McKay is one of our most loved teachers, skilled in yin, mindfulness, yoga therapy and more dynamic styles too.

Chanting is the use of sound to affect consciousness. Happiness or sorrow, joy or regret are vibratory frequencies in the mind. When we chant a mantra we are choosing to invoke the positive power contained in short repetitive phrases. It’s blissful and very easy!

You don’t need to be able to sing. (Sophie can’t and she LOVES chanting.)

Nam Prakash will guide you through an hour of chanting mantras from several traditions – Sanskrit, Gurmukhi (from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan) and even some English ones.
Nam Prakash Kaur has been teaching Kundalini Yoga in York since 2009 and assists on the Level 1 teacher training (where there’s a lot of chanting!).  She chants every day, and is looking forwards immensely to sharing this peaceful, uplifting experience with you all.

With Chloe McKay and Nam Prakash.


Boingy Workshop

*New Date* Sunday November 17th  2-5pm,  £35   BOOK NOW

Are you keen to have a bit more time to explore arm balances, and back bends in your yoga practice? Would you like to work on your strength and flexibility and work towards stronger asanas at your own pace? Then this workshop is for you! Join Fran and Zoë for their ‘boingy workshop’. After a warm up flow you will get the opportunity to break down and explore back bends and arm balances at your own level using props, through partner work and with the guidance of two brilliant teachers!

With Fran Windsor and Zoe Speekenbrink.


A Day of Mindfulness with Sophie Carr

Sunday October 27th |  10.00am – 4.00pm | £50  (one work-exchange place available) |BOOK NOW

What exactly is mindfulness? And why is it so popular? What’s the evidence for its usefulness? How do you actually ‘do’ it? How can we lead more mindful and meaningful lives? Is it really possible to be less exhausted, less reactive, more resilient? Can mindfulness make us more calm and relaxed? In this day-long workshop we will answer all these questions and more. We’ll unpack the ‘foundations’ of mindfulness – breath awareness, embodied presence, mindfulness of emotions and mindfulness of thoughts. We’ll explore mindful communication, and look at techniques we can use in our daily lives, such as the 3-minute breathing space, mindful walking, and even mindful queueing! There will be meditation, relaxation and informal discussion. The workshop will be a fun, down-to-earth, thorough instruction in the basics of mindfulness, and is suitable for everyone regardless of age, experience or lifestyle. Sophie Carr is senior teacher and co-owner of the Stables. She is qualified and registered with the Mindfulness Training Institute.

For more details please email

Birth Prep

Sunday 15th September 2019 9.30am – 4pm  BOOK HERE
Sunday 8th December 2019 9.30am – 4pm  BOOK HERE
 £65 per couple

The class is suitable for couples who want to birth their babies naturally, whether in hospital, at a midwife-led birth centre, or at home.
With Sophie Carr, yoga teacher and doula.


Energising Vinyasa Flow

Sunday 8th September-27th October | 6pm-7.15pm | £68 for 8 weeks |*FULL*

An ideal class for improvers moving on from beginners classes, this class is taught to music and will work through breath awareness, limbering the body and working towards a dynamic asana sequence which you can explore at your own level in a nurturing and playful environment. The class will finish with a short meditation leaving you rejuvenated, peaceful and inspired.

With Zoe Speekenbrink.

Further information:

Birth Prep

‘It was absolutely essential, miles better than the NCT and hospital preparation classes – fantastic, thank you.’

Stay in control of your birth. Birthing women know what is right for them. They instinctively know who they want with them, where they want to birth, and how. If this is respected, birth is empowering and pleasurable. But the power of birth is often unconsciously surrendered to others which can lead to complicated birth experiences. We learn how to stay in control, while letting our body do its job of birthing.

The characteristics of a natural birth. Hormones play an essential role in childbirth, stimulating the uterus to contract and natural painkillers to be released. In order for the efficient and sustained production of these hormones, a woman needs space to move, darkness and privacy. To birth naturally, she needs to be undisturbed, instinctive, and feel safe and protected. Given the right conditions only one in ten births will be
complicated. We discuss ways of achieving the environment essential for a normal birth in hospital, at a midwife-led birth unit, and at home. We concentrate on the need to trust the process of birth (whether short or very long) and avoid unnecessary interventions.
Active birth. We discuss the benefits of an upright, active birth. We look at positions for the 1st , 2nd and 3rd stages of labour, how to support the birthing mother, and note how our own conditioning can inhibit our trust in our bodies. Women’s bodies are designed to give birth, but fear is a major inhibitor of the birthing hormones—so how can we integrate that knowledge so we are not afraid?
Mindfulness, breathing and relaxation. Yoga breathing is the essential tool for childbirth. We look at how useful it is for dealing with the pain of contractions, and how mindfulness reduces feelings of anxiety and fear. We learn how the birth partner can help the mother stay steady and strong during even the lengthiest labour.
Getting the best from the NHS. We have many choices in birth, many more than we think. We discuss your birth preferences and how to have the birth you want while being supported by the NHS. We also discuss other care providers, and the role of doulas.
‘My partner felt for the first time that he had an important role to play and felt very positive after the day. An excellent and informative class – it left us both enthusiastic and inspired.’
‘Empowering! Sophie and Alison have a gift for getting the partners involved. The best preparation, both physically and psychologically, we have had.’

“The class was really engaging and Howard appreciated the ‘man time’ chat and how involved he felt in the session. We both got a lot out of it and it was very helpful indeed.”

Home Birth Support Group

Meeting on the first Sunday every month  10.30am – 12.30pm

For Couples, Doulas, Midwives – payment by donation (£3-£5) to cover costs, more information here