Yoga Styles: Beginners Yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga, Dynamic Flow, Vinyasa, Yin, Pregnancy and Post-natal yoga.

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Yoga Styles


Yoga enhances your sense of well-being. With mindfulness as its cornerstone, it can bring physical vitality, mental harmony and profound inner peace.

Yoga has four main aspects: a positive approach to life, asana or physical postures, pranayama or breathwork, and meditation.

Our classes all feature postures, breathwork and a mindful approach. Some classes are gentle and some are very dynamic. Please contact us so we can help you find the style and teacher to suit your needs.

Beginners Yoga

Our beginners courses will get you started (or started again!) in a flow style of yoga. You’ll gain confidence in basic postures, sun salutations, breath work, deep relaxation and mindfulness. Suitable for all, regardless of age, fitness and flexibility. Come and try!

We might  try yoga for many reasons: to cure a bad back, to manage our stress, to heal a broken heart, to inspire our running, or simply because we’ve heard it’s good for us. Yoga can fulfil all these promises and more, because its fundamental premise is that we all possess the potential for a happy, harmonious and healthy life. Yoga is an intelligent, multi-dimensional body-based practice which improves our strength and flexibility, our digestion and circulation, and our endocrine and immune systems. It has a direct impact on our breathing and nervous system, stimulating the relaxation response, and its focus on mindful attention to our inner landscape of thoughts and emotions leads to psychological wellbeing.

Beginners Yoga Level 1

We offer beginners yoga courses in a flow style of yoga, introducing mindfulness, postures, breathwork and relaxation. If you have never done yoga before, we recommend you attend a beginners yoga course, or try a class which is suitable for all levels.

Beginners Yoga Level 2

This 4 week course is for those of you who have done our beginners course and want to explore postures, breathwork and mindfulness a little deeper, or for anyone who’s done yoga in the past, feels a bit rusty and wants to get back into it. The course is a great stepping stone into our Level 2 classes. Expect more alignment instructions, slightly more ‘strong’ stuff, perhaps some Yin Yoga and a wonderful restorative relaxation.

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Our daytime class is a slow-paced, calm class open to all. Gentle stretches will enhance your sense of wellbeing, improve posture and overall strength, and increase vitality. There will be attention to detail in the posture, making the session suitable for anyone in recovery from illness or injury, and a focus on deep breathing and relaxation means you will feel nourished and nurtured. Suitable for any age or experience – beginners welcome. The class is also good for the early stages of pregnancy.

Slow Flow Yoga

This is a deeply nurturing and nourishing class, suitable for all levels, especially if you are looking for a calming, slower session.   Beginners and improvers are very welcome. Gentle stretches, grounding standing poses and flowing sequences will enhance your sense of wellbeing, improve posture and overall strength, and increase vitality. The class encourages deep relaxation using stress-relieving techniques including mindfulness, breath awareness and some yin postures (long-held restorative floor poses) and always finishes with relaxation.

Ashtanga Yoga

This is a strong dynamic practice which will give you a good workout, revitalising and energising. You’ll build up heat as you move through plenty of sun salutes, standing poses and floor postures, working deeply into core muscles and strong stretches. Like all our classes the foundation is mindful breathwork. Class finishes with deep relaxation. This class is great for people who want to work hard, learn the primary series sequence and develop strength. It’s suitable for those with experience of yoga and for beginners with a good level of fitness.

Tuesday morning Dynamic

A morning flow designed to get the energy moving, awaken the body and focus the mind. This class will include pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) and a short meditation practice to complement the physical postures. As a dynamic and challenging style of yoga this class will serve to offer something extra to those who practice vinyasa or ashtanga. Expect vinyasa, standing postures, floor postures, inversions and a taught relaxation. Suitable for people with experience, who have done a couple of our beginners courses and who find our Saturday dynamic class do-able, or anyone else with experience who enjoys a dynamic class.

Vinyasa Flow/Saturday Dynamic

A class which combines the key features of a potent yoga practice – mindfulness, postures, breathwork and relaxation. The postures are linked in a creative flow and synchronised with the breath, there is some strength work, perhaps some yin yoga and always a deep relaxation at the end of class. These classes are suitable if you have experience of yoga, or if you are a relatively fit beginner who is happy to play ‘catch-up’ and learn as you move through the class.

Yin + Yang Yoga with Mindfulness

A class which combines the soothing postures of Yin Yoga, the strengthening and invigorating flow of Yang Yoga, and the kind, relaxed focus of mindfulness to bring you back into balance. Sophie’s yoga teaching is underpinned by her mindfulness training, so is a creative, inspiring blend of movement, stillness, meditation and relaxation.

The class is suitable for anyone who has done yoga before – one of the Stables beginners courses is fine – and who is interested in cultivating transformative aspects of the mind as well as developing physical strength and ease. There is an energetic section in the Yang part of the class, where we link postures in a creative flow and build strength in the body, but the main focus is on self-acceptance and present moment awareness.

Yin Yoga

Yin is one of the most delicious forms of yoga you can experience. It is a passive, non-ambitious practice, with long-held floor poses and a deep attention to mindfulness and mindful breathing. It targets connective tissue and joints rather than muscles, gently encouraging a quiet internalised approach. We emerge from a yin practice feeling centred, balanced, whole and relaxed.

Post-Natal Yoga

A nourishing class for women with their babies any time from birth to approximately six months. Gentle yoga focusing on pelvic stability, abdominal and pelvic floor tone with plenty of meditation, breath work and relaxation to support your physical recovery from the birth and ease the emotional transition into motherhood. We work on techniques for calming your baby and easing colic. There is opportunity for discussion and shared experience – sleep, feeding and baby-wearing are examples of common topics. The class always ends with relaxation, a hot drink and snacks.


Come enjoy moving, breathing, and opening up! The Gyrokinesis method is a dynamic movement system that works the entire body through rhythmic sequences to open up energy pathways, stimulate the nervous system, increase range of motion, as well as build inner core awareness and strength.  Focus on the breath stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system resulting in a sense of calm, wellbeing and mental clarity while at the same time leaving you energised.  The class is accessible to all levels and can capture the interest of the highest performing athlete as well as an individual with little movement experience beginning their wellness journey.

Yoga for Women

Restoration and rejuvenation for all women – perfect if you’re tired, pulled in too directions, want to be more at one with your woman-ness, want to heal menstrual or menopause issues or connect more deeply with your fertility. The yoga is fluid, playful and exploratory, guiding you to become at home in your body. Living with awareness of seasons and cycles helps us greet the inevitable ups and downs of life with the equanimity and the deep wisdom that just like the seasons, the phases of our life change and flow.